The late 70’s

When we both got to New York and settled down and met the main people to know, where to go and where not to go, we started our journey through our New York life. We met a few of the other girls who told us to meet the main man of the time, Mr Jimmy Treetop, he was an older man that sold the best estragon, delestrogen hormone shots ever known. One of his hormone shots would make the testosterone in your body loose the battle of continuing the process and make your body turn into the most feminine girl you desire to be. In three days you would feel the change on your body, skin, breast and all. Even though you would be sick for a few days, but we knew it had to do with the male and female hormones in a battle and of course the females were winning my battle, LOl, Jimmy Treetops had his special ones on his wall in his apartment, he was also a great photographer.

Mada La Bella was his muse; she was a great beauty that was amazing to look at. She was one of the follies from the big club I talked about, The GG’s Barnum Room on west 45th Street. The club had a circus trapeze on the roof of the club, Salvador Dali and many celebrities would come through the Barnum Room, at the time celebs would mix with people and it wasn’t such a big deal like it is today. Ava Hollywood was a great beauty and a great friend of Dali. I remember seeing them coming out of a large limo with “Hollywood” on the limo’s number plate entering The GG’s Barnum Room. Grace Jones did a show there as well and Taxi, a beautiful girl did the show with her, it was history for Taxi, Grace Jones was her idol and became mine after that!

I met so many awesome people at the time. I remember this one particular woman I met in Studio 54, her name, well they called her Mama Village, and she was always with the famous celebs and models of the time. She sold acid and my first acid trip was out of this world. I remember seeing music notes coming out of people’s hair, Lol. Those good old days and nights in New York City I’ll never forget and the artistic, awesome and beautiful ones that are no longer here.