Xtravaganza in Spain

In the mid-90’s after my arrival in Spain, after all the modelling, I got more into the club nights and it was the beginning of the drag era, it hit Spain really great and I started meeting and working in the best clubs in Madrid, Angels, Morocco, Pasha, Shangay and many others, I thought this is a great time to plant the Xtravaganza seed and let it grow, and it did!

The kids, most of them knew about “Paris is Burning” and the famous song “X, X, Xtravaganza”. So I founded the House in 1995 in Spain. There was no other Houses to throw a ball, so we just kept it as celebrating House of Xtravaganza through the night clubs and started throwing awesome Xtravaganza club parties, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Ibiza, etc. etc. The name Xtravaganza was out and clubs all over Spain wanted more. If I didn’t do a show I was hosting a party, a fashion show. Even today most of the kids from Xtravaganza Spain, carry the name. I’m so proud and happy. I told Mother Angie I would keep the Xtravaganza flame alive and I will continue to do so till the end of me. In Spain the father is Fouad Bosnani Xtravaganza and Julio Xtravaganza and many, many more. I love you all for believing in me. I know Mother Angie is smiling down at me.

A lot more to come in my book…