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Blast from the past

Here’s a couple of pictures from my scrapbook! Mother being naughty backstage! Bilboa, Spain.   Carmen Xtravaganza,Sophia Lamar and Amanda Lapore. N.Y.C. 1998, at Club Life.

Xtravaganza in Spain

In the mid-90’s after my arrival in Spain, after all the modelling, I got more into the club nights and it was the beginning of the drag era, it hit Spain really great and I started meeting and working in the best clubs in Madrid, Angels, Morocco, Pasha, Shangay and many others, I thought this […]

My life as a model

I started my modelling career in the early 90’s in Madrid, Spain. It was really a gift to me for I thought about it many times as a younger lady. A famous photographer in Madrid opened the modelling world for me and I did it till 2009. I worked for a few famous agencies and […]